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Wellness - Many Pieces, One beautiful Puzzle

A Different View of Wellness

- Wellness is individual.

- Wellness takes time.


At Redeeming Health, we look at each person as unique, with a different set of genetic and lifestyle factors to take into account (food choices, stress, environmental exposures, health history, etc). We call this “bio-individuality.” Each client will have tailored recommendations with bio-individuality as a foundation.


Our culture is accustomed to getting things fixed quickly. And we bring that expectation to our health as well. A life-long marathon would be a more accurate view of our health. Every choice we make impacts the quality of that marathon. It either strengthens us, or it depletes our energy. But, how can we know what strengthens or depletes us? SpectraVision!


To support your health goals during your wellness marathon we will look at several areas in more detail: food, hydration, lifestyle, mineral balance, supplementation, sleep, detoxification, unnecessary body stressors, etc. Each piece playing an important role in our overall wellness puzzle.

Bioindividual Wellness Planning - Hydration, Food, Digestion, Detox, Sleep, Lifestyle Stress

Hydration & Food


We encourage you to look at food and

water differently. We’ve all heard that we

need to drink water, right? It is now well known that stress

depletes our bodies of essential minerals, draining our energy

down to the cellular level. We’d like to help you take action

steps to replace those minerals, keeping your electrolytes

balanced to fully reap the benefits of drinking water.  

Look at food as more than your body’s fuel,

look at food as medicine!

You are what you eat and what your body can

properly digest. Are there foods that cause a

stress response in your body? If so, we’d

recommend removing that food from your diet

for a time. Are there foods with certain

nutrients that would help support your body

right now? If so, we’d recommend eating more

of those foods for a season.


But, how to know which minerals or foods

deplete or strengthen you individually?



Healthy food doesn’t have to taste bland or

look boring. Let’s be honest, some “health food”out there tastes like sand paper! Nutrient dense whole foods are amazing when seasoned well, using fresh herbs and other seasonings.


Check out our Resources page and our                links for cookbook and recipe recommendations.

Place your health into your hands and onto your plate!

Digestion and Detoxification are two very important pieces of 

the wellness puzzle. Together they take into account what

goes in and what goes out of our

bodies. We need both to happen

efficiently for optimal wellness -

nutrients in and toxins out. Food

and nutrition come down not

only to what we eat, but ultimately

to what we can digest and absorb.

And, with toxins, it's not just about

how our bodies can better eliminate

toxins, but how we avoid them in

the first place. 

Stress plays a role in how well we digest. Exercise plays a role in how well we detoxify. Do you see how wellness is a puzzle with many interconnected pieces? The more effective we can be with each piece, the more our overall well-being will be affected. This can be overwhelming. Remember, each step in the right direction is a positive move forward along your wellness journey. 

"nutrients in
toxins out"

Detox & Digestion

Sleep & Lifestyle Stress

A huge piece of the wellness puzzle is Sleep and Intentional Rest.  For most of us this is a difficult piece to

                                                                         juggle with the demands of life. But the truth is, if we 

                                                                                                                  don't rest, our bodies cannot repair.

                                                                                                                   If our bodies cannot repair, our 

                                                                                                                   health only gets worse.

                                                                                                                  Ideally, as adults we would all be in

                                                                                                                   bed by 10:00pm and sleep a

                                                                                                                   minimum of 7 hours. But, that

                                                                                                                   would require us turning off our

                                                                                                                   televisions and computers, and

                                                                                                                   putting down our cell phones.

 Sleep and Rest take a conscious choice.

    In addition, our bodies need more "rest" than just while we sleep at night. The more we can slow down during the day, taking brief breaks, the better our bodies function. Whether at work, home, or school, taking intentional breaks to do something you enjoy can have lasting benefits. Consider reading for fun, talking about non-essentials with your spouse, taking on a hobby, playing with your children, exercising in a beneficial way, going out with a friend,

closing your eyes for

20 minutes, or simply sitting

and enjoying nature.

Be intentional, your choices really do matter. 

Here at Redeeming Health we desire to see you achieve the best possible life you were created to live. All the pieces of this vast puzzle can be frustrating to understand until they are put together to reveal the beautiful picture they were meant to be. Let us help you put the pieces together.

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