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SpectraVision™ technology offers a painless, non-invasive look at what may be causing added stress to your body. This modality takes direct real-time measurements of the body’s biodynamic responses allowing us to become aware of what may need to be addressed to regain our health.

Our bodies have great resilience when given the right tools. With SpectraVision, we are able to look at imbalances and how to remedy them. This information then allows us to draw up and start a plan for supporting our bodies own ability to heal.



Why am I a SpectraVision Practitioner?

When my health was deteriorating rapidly, and most people didn’t have answers, SpectraVision™ was a tool that my practitioner used to help my body regain balance and wellness. Seeing what foods and supplements supported my body helped me steer through the myriad of conflicting nutrition information out there. Knowing areas of imbalance and the action steps to take was key to equipping my body and taking my health back.

Now, with empathy from where I’ve been, seeing others helped – that brings me joy! Observing clients reach their health goals, overcoming challenges along the say – amazing! What a privilege it is to walk alongside you all in this journey.


You can do the same! Wellness is possible, not always easy, but always possible. Let me be your cheerleader during your health marathon as you take the reigns of your wellness choices.


What to Expect

The SpectraVision does not diagnose, treat or cure disease.



SpectraVision Bio-balancing device is a data-driven approach to holistic wellness care, which introduces complex digital homeopathy to the body internally (by ingesting) or externally (by applied cold laser therapy).


Starting with a non-cognitive biofeedback scan, the device aids in the identification of imbalances within the various distribution, energetic, and tissue pathways in the body. Information gathered during the scan is assessed by the practitioner, and can be helpful in educating the practitioner to:

  • Identify metabolic, hormonal, and energetic imbalances;

  • Pinpoint the focus of therapy with the greatest priority, session-by-session;

  • Assess cellular communication levels by discovering ionic flow;

  • Uncover possible causes of distress.

  • Determine the body’s preferred homeopathic/ nutritional support, session-by-session;

  • Determine accuracy and validity of data through testing and reconfirmation of results.


Data collected by the initial scan is shared with the client in a discussion-type format, supporting the client to participate in the healing process. SpectraVision’s software includes information about the roots of sensitivities, the role of emotional trauma in physical symptomology, necessary support indicated, and other inter-disciplinary information, which supports the client and practitioner to work together, and choose from a range of natural approaches to support well-being. By empowering the client to understand how emotional blockages inform physical blockages (i.e. symptomology), the client can claim greater self-awareness and responsibility for the necessary changes in habits and lifestyle, which underlie true sustained healing.


Based on scan results, the body selects its preference of homeopathic digital

signatures needed to bring equilibrium to the whole system. These frequencies,

unique to the individual at the time of the scan, are tested for bio-compatibility

using Galvanic Skin Response and acupoint testing. Once the desired potencies

and dilutions of the unique homeopathic recipe proves to bio-balance the system

of the client, this recipe can be delivered topically via Dynamic Induction Low

Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), or imprinted into New Human’s Multidimensional

products, to be taken internally.

Such wellness solutions:

  • Increase energy flow in the bioelectrical and biomagnetic pathways of the body

  • Activate and strengthen detoxification processes

  • Reduce inflammatory responses

  • Bolster immune function

  • Activate tissue stimulation and repair

  • Improve the body’s ability to deal with environmental stressors

  • Increase energy available for optimal daily performance

Ultimately, each scan and treatment session aids the body to achieve wellness on a progressively deeper level, and helps the client to understand his or her physical, mental, and emotional patterns, which may hinder the expression of total wellness. 

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Initial scan and intake appointment - $125 (approx. 2hrs)

Follow up scan - $75 (approx. 1hr)

Package Pricing

(Pricing is for scans only and does not include the cost of recommended products)

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